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Our In-Person Events are currently on hold due to COVID-19. Please click below to view a list of our highly rated virtual events:
What do our attendees say

"Overall experience was great, very interesting format."


"The format of the event was well organized, and I enjoyed the networking for an experienced professional like myself"

New York University

What do our sponsors say

"Great event to attend as a Sales person. Direct insights into what the customers are looking for and direct, quick overviews of what we can provide for them" 


"It was great to get access to key decision makers at companies that would otherwise be difficult to solicit" 


"Very organized and focused event. The early networking helped break the ice and extend conversations for the actual 1:1" 


Kodi Network

How does it work?

Kodi Connect Speed Networking Evenings provide a unique opportunity to connect one-on-one and build relationships with your target of senior-level executives representing the largest and most influential companies. The evenings are designed within an intimate environment to ensure that you connect and get to know all attendees on a personal level. Do you know another evening where you can exclusively meet one-on-one to discuss your solutions with 10+ of your ideal audience, all in the space of 3 hours? The format has been carefully selected to ensure that you spend your time as efficiently as possible and guarantee a successful outcome - changing the way you think and attend future events and strategies for building business.

Take part in our events and see how we do not accept anything but perfect feedback.


Upcoming In-Person Events

  • Kodi Speed Networking (CPO) Gathering - New York
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  • Kodi Speed Networking (CPO) Gathering - Dallas
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  • Kodi Speed Networking (CPO) Gathering - Atlanta
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  • Kodi Speed Networking (CPO) Gathering - Los Angeles
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